Wildcrafting & Basic Medicine Making

Learn to be your family's herbalist. | taught by Angelina Shuman

Course description

In this course, you will learn all about the basics of herbal medicine making in addition to a history of herbalism and ethical wildcrafting. We will cover:

  • teas and infusions
  • tinctures and vinegars
  • herbal oils and salves and
  • syrups and oxymels

When you complete this course, you will have a basic knowledge about HOW to make plant medicine for your family. This course will NOT prepare you as a professional herbalist.

All of our courses are designed with the understanding that you have a busy life, full of commitments — family, jobs, pets, friends, plants, and science experiments with food. ;) (Or maybe it's just us crazy hippies with the science experiments all over the house.) 

Angelina Shuman
Angelina Shuman
Herb Whisperer

Angelina began her journey to natural health and wellness 20 years ago when she became a mother. Concerned about toxins and effects of common pharmaceuticals and processed foods, she began looking for alternative ways to support her daughter’s wellness. This was back in the dark ages of the late nineties, so the internet was not as easily accessible as it is today. She relied on the library and old family remedies to glean information.

Fast forward to 2004-2007, she became very interested in the natural childbirth movement and became a doula. Through her doula studies, she found that her instructor also ran an herbalism school called Heart of Herbs Herbal School. She began formally studying herbalism to go along with her independent research.

In 2013, she opened a store, Wild Earth Herbals (formerly known as Herb & Renewal) in Spartanburg, SC. In 2014, Wild Earth Herbals has moved to an online platform provide herbal wellness to a wider audience. “While I thoroughly enjoy making medicine for my clients, my true passion is education. I was frustrated (as were potential clients) that so many people were interested in taking my local classes, but due to our modern lifestyles, carving out time was next to impossible. I realized that if I could set up an online course (that so many people have asked for) in a classroom format so there was peer interaction, that I could reach so many more people. Another issue is expense. So many online courses are just out of people’s budgets. I wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted to take this course would be able.”~Angelina.